Executive Board

Tim Voie, Rhonda Crawford, Lori Tibbetts, Chris Hudson, Katie Gates, Justin McKaughan, Henry Valz

The Executive Board meetings for the 2019-2020 are:

Sept. 11th

Oct. 9th

Nov. 13th

Dec. 11th

Jan. 15th

Feb. 12th

Mar. 11th

Apr. 15th

May 13th

Jun. 3rd

Representative Council

First 2019-2020 Rep Council meeting Wednesday, September 25th 4:15pm at WEA Chinook

TEA members are welcomed to attend. Here are the Rep Council dates for the 2019-2020 school year:

Sept. 25th

Oct. 23rd

Nov. 20th

Dec. 18th

Jan. 29th

Feb. 26th

Mar. 25th

Apr. 22nd

May 27th

High School:
Black Hills – Kevin Wimsett, Kathleen Alviar, Dave Wegener
Tumwater – Peter Klinzman, Kris Kramer, Jamie Weeks, Cecilia Harvey, Richard Coate

Middle School:
Bush – Kevan Hagen
Tumwater – Tyler Haywood, Renee Cruickshank

Elementary School:
Black Lake – Pete Gedde, Adrienne Johnson
East Olympia – Rhonda Crawford, Tamara Paddock
Littlerock – Lisa Prosser, Kris Nelson
Michael T. Simmons – Ron Smith, Shane Dover, Erin Gehrke, Justin McKaughan
Peter G. Schmidt – Leah Bacon, Alison Gillett, Lindsey Knutzen, T.J. Thornton
Tumwater Hill – Corey Nunlist, Mike Cousino

Secondary Options – Michael Stuck
District Office – TBD
ECLC – Starr Wyatt

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